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Dispatch takes the concept of "every step of the way" and turns it into a reality – the "UBER of handyman services" allows users to find any type of handyman or technician within their area, and contact for service immediately. We worked with Dispatch to focus the three products they had created into one usable website. From designing the look and feel, to providing user experience consulting, and running through several different skins, we took on the role of product design team with relish to create a one-of-a-kind, accessible product for end users.

In addition to creating a website, we worked to make dispatch iPhone/iPad compatible, including responsive design and mobile/tablet version.

A design element that was a central component in our Dispatch work was the focus on personalized technician profiles. The profiles listed not only photo and contact information, but also past history on Dispatch and current/upcoming jobs and ratings, allowing the user some comfort level before ever meeting their technician.

Great Feats

Great Feats - an interactive way to engage with friends and donate to a good cause! Great Feats came to us with a belief and a brand, and we took that belief and magnified it to where it is today. With project design, front and back end development, and user experience, we took a an idea for a good cause, and launched it with a focus on crowd sourcing and an emphasis on friendly competition.


Nimboxx's mission is to bring the benefits of the proven hyper-scale data center model enjoyed by large cloud providers to enterprises of all sizes. By leveraging a simple 'Lego-brick' scale out approach, Nimboxx has created the easiest and most affordable way to deploy a software-defined data center.

In keeping with its mission to offer an unparalleled customer experience, Nimboxx brought on Eyehand to design their product's cpanel. This was an especially exciting project since it offered a challenge to take a complicated set of user interactions and organize them into an intuitive yet visually appealing User Experience.

ePatient Finder

ePatient Finder - a revolutionary way for physicians to connect their patients to life-changing treatment opportunities. The platform educates potential patients on local phase 2 and 3 clinical trials. They always have the power to decide which trials they would like to be associated with.

Eyehand was brought in to build a HIPAA-compliant mobile application that interfaces with ePatient Finder's core system to faciliate the interation of physicians and patients around ongoing clinical trials.


Regional Strategic Analysis and Knowledge Support System in Asia (ReSAKSS-Asia) is an initiative based on a multi-country regional network for informing current and future food and nutrition security strategies in the Asia region.

Eyehand was hired to give ReSAKKS Asia's Drupal 7 and SOLR based website a new look and feel as well as upgrade the theme and stabalize the codebase.

IFPRI Food Security Portal

Eyehand worked with IFPRI’s Food Security Portal team to design and develop regional sub-portals for Latin America, India and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Each sub-portal showcases a variety of Custom Data Visualizations, region specific news feeds and blog postings.

In addition, we develop a custom RESTful API that allows for queries on FSP data as a whole. The API enables users to select a response formatted in JSON, XML, or CSV.


Our consulting work with Cinsay focused on short-term solutions for their product. New to the video world, Cinsay was introducing a video player that incorporated an e-commerce platform allowing users to select and buy items directly from the video. We explored the logistics of the back-end system, created new standards for design and user friendliness, and consulted on short-term design promotions.


SuiteSpot is a web service for realtors. SuiteSpot subscriber agencies receive web-based, real-time rental data piped from building management companies and private landlords.

Eyehand handled everything from concept to delivery for this product including branding, UX/Visual Design, Development and Deployment. This is a solid example of Eyehand's abilty to build a solid J2EE web application.


eTee was another B2B production, targeted directly towards golf courses – the software allowed real-time booking of tee times for consumers. The launch of eTee involved a product evaluation, redesign, and an entire brand launch. We worked with the original developer to expand the product for multiple business use, as well as to design a straightforward application that would allow multiple people to use the product at the same time.


"Rescue-D" is one of our favorite projects here at Eyehand. We had the opportunity to work with the Eunice Kennedy Shriver Center in Waltham, MA on a NIH (small business innovator) grant to create a game that would help train emergency response teams on how to deal with people with disabilities. In addition to producing the initial idea for the game, we wrote a custom LMS which interfaced with Moodle. The game itself was built in Unity and featured an interactive 3D experience.