At Eyehand, we believe that capabilities and talent go hand-in-hand. Our work is a product of the dedication and excellence that our team pours into every project.


Long-range tactics for your specific goals

Our philosophy is that digital strategy reaches far beyond planning for an outcome. From research and development to product creation and object modeling, to information and system architectures, we have the experience and team to provide an in-depth digital proposal.


The story that your brand represents

Content creation is focused on our ability to develop a conversation between your brand and your target. With experience in live action, photography, story development, and post production we can create and connect with customers in a whole new light.


Shaping your product for a
straightforward user experience

The word design can be applied to a variety of processes – here at Eyehand, we connect design to our ability to produce interactive, usable interfaces. We have a tried and true understanding of inforgraphics, video editing and compositing, motion graphics, 3D rendering and animation, user experience and web design, and audio and sound.


The fundamentals that influence
the rest of the work

Development, to us, is the relationship between problem solving and creating effective solutions. As a company built on a development backbone we have experience in web/software, mobile, and social media apps, augmented reality/gaming, DVD & kiosk applications, database design and implementation, and geospatial and location services.